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The Human Economy: a book for our times
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It is difficult to have  hope in these times. Having seen over a decade of privatised wealth turn into socialised misery in the wake of the financial crisis, it is easy to see why Finance is so out of favour with many people.Most of us now see that here is urgent need to reinvent economics. A key resource in that reinvention is the The Human Economy, edited by Keith Hart, Jean-Louis Laville, and Antonio David Cattani.

“The human economy is not a dream. It exists theoretically and practically, but it has been obscured by the economic models and approaches that dominate the media and universities.”

It is nothing short of radical manifesto for an economy fit for human beings. All human beings. It is such an important text that I feel it requires a multipart review, which I will be posting here  over the next three weeks. By all means go out and buy a copy, but in the meantime, here is Hart’s overview.


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